First of all congratulations! You did it! Bringing home your little one can very nerve-wracking. You may feel stress or worry about doing everything perfectly. No one is perfect but here are some things that can help make the transition home easier.

1. Make sure your baby has a safe place to ride in the car

You need to make sure you have a car seat that is the right size for your baby. It should be in the back seat and facing backward. If you need help making sure it’s positioned correctly, you can check with your local fire department.

2. Make sure your baby has a safe place to sleep

The safest way for your baby to sleep is by themselves on their back.  This prevents parents from rolling over and injuring them. Sleeping on their back also reduces SIDS. They can be swaddled, but there should be no loose covers or stuffed animals that may smother them.

3. Fever in the first 30 days is a medical emergency

You should call your pediatrician or head to your local ER if your newborn has a fever. This requires a stay in the hospital with labwork and possibly antibiotics. A fever is considered 100.4 axillary or rectal.

4. You can do this

Everyone feels overwhelmed at some point. It is normal to need help. Ask friends and family for support. If you cannot care for yourself, you cannot care for your baby. Some people may even have depression and sadness. This can be treated with medicines so ask your pediatrician or OB about getting some help if you need it.

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