Starting school is a big step for kids and parents. The first step is getting past the sadness of your little one being old enough for school. You may become very overwhelmed by making sure they are ready and everything is perfect. We all want our children to do their best in school and be successful. Here some steps to ensure that your child is ready for success:

Enroll in child care early

Children start learning at birth and we should nurture them through the learning process. We know that early child care is very beneficial. Especially true with children who have autism, difficult social/family situations, and ADHD.

Check for Normal Development

There are milestones that your pediatrician will watch for in your child’s development. These are one of the main reasons for wellness visits. These help us know that both language and movement is progressing.

Talk with their teacher

This can provide valuable feedback on their performance. We can intervene before we fall behind if issues arise.

Limit time on screens and apps

Although these may be educational they do not provide the same learning. It is important to interact with adults and peers.

Make sure your child is healthy and safe

Basic hygiene including handwashing and cough etiquette can prevent the spread of germs. Children get sick around other children but prevent is very important. This is why most states including Mississippi require vaccines before school entry.

School Preparedness Checklist

Here is a list of things to make sure that your child is ready to start school.

  • Sensory development
    • Normal hearing
    • Normal vision
  • Social and Emotional development
    • Able to pay attention
    • Take turns
    • Obey teacher
    • Follow directions
    • Plays well with others
  • Educational development
    • Able to talk and listen
    • Letter and sound associations
    • Knows shapes
    • Knows numbers

Review some important milestones