Men and women in Amory and beyond are gaining confidence in their appearance thanks to laser hair removal from Bel Amour Laser Spa.

“It’s rewarding to see lives changed not only cosmetically but the confidence from one client to the next,” says Memorie, the spa’s manager. “I’ve had female clients so emotional in tears because they no longer have a man’s five o’clock shadow on their face.”

Other clients choose underarms, legs, or anywhere else they’re tired of shaving, waxing, or otherwise removing hair.

What is Laser hair removal?

It is the process of using laser light that passes through your skin and targets the color in the hair follicles where hair growth originates. The intense heat damages the hair follicle’s blood supply which stops hair growth. This works best on dark coarse hair.

Once the blood supply has been damaged, the hair cannot grow in that follicle again. Not all hairs are attached to a blood supply. Some hairs are just sitting in the follicle and this follicle will still likely produce hair.

Does laser hair removal work on lighter hair?

Blonde and white hairs have no color. This will not attract the amount of heat required for effective removal.

Where on the body can hair be removed?

We treat all areas of the body with unwanted hair.  The underarms are one of the areas you see the best results. With just one treatment the hairs become finer and less noticeable.

How long does this take to work?

Several treatments are required for complete removal of hair.

Hair growth is affected by hormones and other chemicals in the body. We have to catch the hair in a specific cycle for the treatment to be effective which is why several treatments will be needed.

What do I do after treatment?

Exfoliating after treatment can help with the normal shedding process.  As this happens, you should see less new hair growth.

Are there side effects of laser hair removal?

Side effects are rare. Most people have redness which is normal and goes away within 15 minutes.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

The cost of laser hair removal is per session depends on the treatment area. Prices range from $10 for between the eyebrows and $165 for full legs treatment.

Check out our complete pricing on our spa page.

Can the laser be used on other things besides hair?

Laser is capable of several different types of procedures. These include skin tightening, spider vein removal, and sunspots lightening.

How do I sign up?

You can review all the laser hair removal services on our spa page, or click here to schedule an appointment if you’re ready.