As of July 28, 2020, patients can now fully utilize our new Electronic Health Record System, patient portal, and patient registration system. These three pieces will work together to provide you with a streamlined, more efficient healthcare experience.

There’s so much you can do using the online patient portal. Features include:

  • Schedule Appointments. Schedule or change your appointments online any time of day. You won’t have to play phone tag or be put on hold and suffer through hold music. Scheduling and rescheduling are easy, and you’ll get your confirmation quickly.
  • Send Messages. Communicate with us using secure messaging at any time of the day or night.
  • Refill Medication Requests. Refill prescriptions without taking time out of your busy day.
  • View Your Test Results. See your lab results and health history instantly without scheduling and attending an appointment.
  • View Your Billing Online. Pay your bills with a click instead of a check and save your billing information on file for further use. You can also view your previous payment history.

You’ll save time during check-in using our new registration system, EPION. You can use EPION to complete your registration and health history forms at home using a mobile device, computer, or tablet. You can also pay your copay and balances using the tablet in our office.

Ready to sign up? Click here to create your patient portal account.