Telehealth is a growing trend in healthcare. You are able to meet with your provider via your laptop or smartphone in the convenience of your own space. Telehealth is gaining popularity and becoming more mainstream. More people have access to devices and high-speed internet connections. Here are three big reasons you should consider a telehealth appointment.

Telehealth is convenient

When you use telehealth to speak to your care provider, it’s way more convenient than speaking to them in real life.

There is no time spent traveling. Since you can see your provider from your mobile device or computer, you don’t have to spend time traveling. You can save money on gas and parking or public transportation. Won’t have to worry about running late to your appointment — or getting back to work!

Because a telehealth appointment is so convenient, you don’t even have to take time off of work. You can schedule your appointment before work, after work, or during a break. Telehealth fits in anytime you have enough privacy to meet your with your provider. You won’t have to miss work or use your time off to keep up with your health.

A lot of us are responsible for caring for children or older adults. Visiting a doctor’s office requires making arrangements for their care. This can be difficult to organize and expensive. Bringing them to appointments can be stressful or impractical. You don’t need to make alternative arrangements when you attend a telehealth visit.

Your medications can still be prescribed

Your healthcare provider can prescribe medications during your telehealth. This process is electronic prescribing, or e-prescribing. There are many benefits of e-prescribing. It is a tool for improving patient-centered care. Benefits include increased safety, improved prescribing, and cost savings.

Everyone jokes about how terrible physicians’ handwriting is. E-prescribing eliminates any errors that might result from illegibility. Your physician and your pharmacist be able to access your prescription history. This will ensure that the right drug is dispensed. Your physician will be notified of allergies, drug interactions, and duplicate therapies. This will ensure the right medication is selected for prescription. Your physician can verify your insurance and chose a medication that’s covered.

Recent research conducted found that e-prescribing reduces errors, increases efficiency, and saves money. Medication errors were reduced by seven times. Increased patient outcomes and decreased patient visits resulted in cost savings.

You can stay home and stay safe

In the middle of a global pandemic, staying home and staying safe is a priority. When people get sick, they go to the doctor, which means that lots of sick people are at the doctor’s office. It’s possible for disease to spread in public places, like crowded waiting rooms. You can avoid exposure to other’s illnesses when you have your visit via telemedicine.

It’s not surprising that many people are seeking out providers who provide telehealth services. Telehealth can make your life much easier.

When you can see your doctor as much as you need to, with the convenience of being able to do it wherever you are, you can better manage your health.

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