We all know that we should get our yearly “check-up” or “Physical” regardless of our age – even though we may not always go. Medicare no longer pays for a check-up. They have a new and improved visit called a Medicare Wellness Visit. This is a visit to make ensure all screening is done and risks are identified.

This visit is 100% covered by Medicare with no copay and available to everyone over age 65.

This is sometimes called a “Welcome to Medicare Visit.” This is because the benefit starts at age 65 years old.

This Medicare Wellness Visit includes:

Vital signs

This is to check height weight and blood pressure. We will make sure our weight is healthy to reduce risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. Checking blood pressure to make sure it is well controlled. This reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Screen for risk

We will screen for depression, smoking, and alcohol abuse. This is also the time to make sure we are safe at home and not having falls. A screen for memory problems will also be performed.

Advanced Care Planning

We will discuss your goals for end of life. This will ensure we honor wishes. This is also a time to discuss a medical power of attorney and a living will. Nobody expects bad things to happen but this helps us be prepared to take the best care of you in difficult times.

Age-appropriate screening

We will also go through age-appropriate health screenings. This helps keep us up to date on things like our mammogram, colonoscopy, and bone density. This is a time to summarize and prevent missing important health services.

To complete the visit, you will get a personalized summary of risk and future screening to take home.

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