Adrienne Paige, MD

Adrienne Paige, MD

Board-certified OB/GYN

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Adrienne Paige, MD

Dr. Adrienne Paige is an OB/GYN practicing in our Columbus and Starkville offices. She joined P&S in 2020.

Dr. Paige was drawn to OB/GYN in high school after watching documentaries on high-risk pregnancies. Volunteering with the Jackson Free Clinic while in college solidified her decision, and in medical school her desire to provide women’s care only grew.

“I was astounded by what OB/GYN doctors do and what the female body is capable of. I needed to be a part of that.”

Dr. Paige’s desire to make new and long-term relationships with her patients drives her each day. She respects the privilege of being part of a patient’s life journey from first pregnancy to first grandchild. After specifically choosing to train and practice in Mississippi to provide care to her fellow Mississippians, Dr. Paige is passionate about providing empathetic care for all her patients.

“My family and I were not fortunate to have access to excellent healthcare my entire childhood, and I know what it feels like to be treated differently based on what type of insurance you have (if any). Due to those experiences, I make sure to treat every patient equally, regardless of background.”

In addition to routine OB/GYN care, Dr. Paige is specifically interested in high-risk pregnancies, minimally invasive surgery, teen pregnancy prevention and care, and contraception management.

At home, Dr. Paige is an avid reader. She also loves to bake, and she likes to try a new cake or pie recipe each month.

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