Annual Exams / Wellness Visits

Quick Facts

  • Important doctor visits for healthy individuals.

  • Review vital signs and lab work for changes.

  • Complete recommended screenings.

Annual Exams / Wellness Visits

Pam Lacy, MD

Pam Lacy, MD


Roy Thomas, MD

Roy Thomas, MD

Internal Medicine

Carlisle Livingston, MD

Carlisle Livingston, MD

Pediatrics / Internal Medicine

Annual wellness exams are very important in adults. These are visits that are usually completely covered by insurance. This an opportunity to catch diseases or problems early. Even more important is to prevent disease.

Vitals signs

Height, weight, and blood pressure are checked by a nurse. Maintaining a healthy weight can prevent obesity complications. These include diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, and high blood pressure. Keeping blood pressure at healthy levels can prevent heart attack and stroke.

Laboratory exam

Most insurances cover cholesterol panels and glucose screens. Keeping cholesterol at healthy levels can prevent heart disease as well as strokes. Checking glucose levels can catch diabetes early. Early detection and treatment can prevent long term complications.

Female Exams

Your gynecologist will perform pelvic exam as well as pap smear. This is to screen for cervical cancer.

Advanced care planning

For elderly patients, this is a great opportunity to talk about end of life goals and plans. This can help make sure power of attorney and living wills are in place.

Screening exams

Wellness exames are also a good time to ensure cancer screenings are up to date. These include:


  • Mammogram for breast cancer
  • Pap smear cervical cancer
  • Bone Density for osteoporosis


  • PSA level for prostate cancer

Males and Females:

  • Colonoscopy for colon cancer (starting at age 50 or earlier based on risk factors)
  • CT scan of Chest for lung cancer in some smokers
  • Abdomen ultrasound for aneurysm in some smokers